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MDS was established online in 2006 by business partners Georgiana Yeo and Joe Phua - school mates then and now,
proud owners of omni-channel women's label, with stores across Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and Myanmar. 

"We believe dressing up makes us look good and feel good but more importantly, it sets the right momentum 
to tackle a brand new day and every opportunity to do good". - Georgiana Yeo, Creative Director & co-founder
And it starts right from our wardrobe.

The MDS Subscription

Plan your wardrobe early and buy just enough. The MDS Subscription model was launched in Nov 2019 for 
a whole new generation of shoppers; to let you enjoy monthly retail therapy without taking a toll on our environment or at 
zero environmental cost. Based on your lifestyle needs, you get to customize and subscribe to a plan - solo, duo or ensemble tier. 

You'll save more but most importantly, you don't buy excess or based on impulse behaviour.

A commitment to our environment: Arriving Soon Model

At MDS, we produce clothes with a clear directive in mind and we are committed to a pre-order model to make fashion industry 
less wasteful and less "fast-fashion". By selling arriving soon products, we are able to streamline our core resources and 
focusing only on producing  specific styles in controlled quantities that you want. 

When you shop with us, you get to play a vital role in this new possible future 
to reduce clothes dump and making controlled inventory a reality.

Most importantly, we love making you feel special and feel good. 

Joe & Georgiana